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HTM64 Sink and Tap Installation

We supply and install HBN00-10 Part C (formerly HTM64 compliant) sinks and taps in line with Outcome 8 of the CQC's 'Essential Standards of Quality and Safety' to promote cleanliness and hygiene.
We can either replace non compliant taps to fit existing compliant basins, or we can replace the whole sink unit. Integrated Plumbing Systems (IPS units) are the recommended sink systems for clinical areas and treatment rooms as they are fitted with horizontal spout lever action taps and contain basins that have no plugs, chains or overflows.

IPS units are custom made to size and take 3 weeks to manufacture. The Furniture Group's experienced plumbers will fit the IPS units and connect them to the existing hot water system.

Where it is impractical to install IPS units, surface mounted sinks and taps can be built into custom made medical grade base units.

We install sinks that are compliant with HTM64 specification for sinks without overflows.

We install taps that have lever action with a thermostatic mixing valve to offer scald protection to users.

Our medical cabinets are custom made to an extremely high specification. We will design, manufacture and install storage solutions to meet your exact requirements. Wall mounted cabinets have sloping tops to prevent the collection of dust. Worktop surfaces have a smooth, hard melamine veneer for easy wiping.

Cabinets have a white carcass. Cabinet doors can be made in any colour from the swatch below (please click to expand):

GP Surgery Furniture
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