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GP Surgery Refurbishments


The Furniture Group provides the following services:

  • We refurbish existing clinical rooms, treatment rooms, WCs and waiting areas with reference to DH guidelines.

  • We offer a complete reconfiguration and refurbishment of under-utilised areas to create additional consulting rooms.

    Full list of services:

  • Build work: partition walls/ doorways/

  • HTM64 compliant sink and tap installation

  • HTM61 vinyl flooring installation

  • Lighting installation

  • Fire/smoke alarm installation

  • Air conditioning installation

  • Automatic door installation

  • Manufacture and installation of reception desk with lowered access for wheelchair users

  • Installation of DDA compliant WCs (Doc M pack)

  • Data cabling

  • Storage and medical cabinet manufacture and installation

  • Supply and fitting of examination lamps

  • Supply of examination couches

  • NHS Signage design and manufacture (as part of larger refurbishment works only)

  • Supply of consulting room desks and chairs

  • Supply of patient seating for consulting rooms and waiting areas

  • Vertical Blind installation

  • Painting and decorating with anti-bacterial paint

We remove walls, build new walls, remove doorways, create new doorways, widen existing doorways for wheelchair access, relocate, or install air conditioning systems, electrics, data cabling, lighting, fire alarms, sinks, taps and plumbing, lay new flooring, design, manufacture and install new reception desks, office desking and storage units, install interior and exterior signage and remove existing furniture. All electrics are tested and certified.

We take care of planning permission, if required, to make sure that any modifications are authorised by the relevant local authority, compliant with building regulations, and where required, compliant with DDA (Equality Act 2010) regulations and Outcomes 8 and 10 of the CQC standards. 
The Furniture Group has full public, product and employers liability insurance. Certification is available on request.

A copy of our Terms and Conditions can be found here

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