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GP Surgery Furniture

The Furniture Group is able to supply essential items required for clinical consulting rooms and waiting areas. All items of furniture meet DH guidelines for infection control.

  • Beam seating for waiting areas

  • GP Consulting Chairs

  • GP Consulting Desks

  • Medical Storage Cabinets (wall and base units)

  • Examination Couches

  • Examination Lights

  • Privacy Curtains

  • Poster/ Leaflet Dispensers

We supply seating designed specifically for healthcare environments. All seating is made from durable, high performance vinyl that is anti-microbial, waterproof, stain resistant and 5% bleach cleanable. Seating for waiting areas comes in 2 unit, 3 unit or 4 unit beam seat configurations which allows for a flexible seating plan. 

Our medical cabinets are custom made to an extremely high specification. We will design, manufacture and install storage solutions to meet your exact requirements. Wall mounted cabinets have sloping tops to prevent the collection of dust. Worktop surfaces have a smooth, hard melamine veneer for easy wiping.

Cabinets have a white carcass. Cabinet doors can be made in any colour from the swatch below (please click to expand):

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