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Eastney Health Centre, Portsmouth

The Furniture Group was commissioned to remove the old reception desk at Eastney Health Centre in Portsmouth and design, manufacture and install a new DDA compliant desk with lowered section for wheelchair user access. We also refurbished two consulting rooms and two admin areas. This involved the removal of all existing flooring and furniture including old non compliant sinks and taps. We replaced these with new HTM64 compliant units set in new medical grade worktops. We installed new wall cabinets with sloping tops, new base cabinets and new vinyl flooring, coved and capped up the walls and base cabinets. We also painted the rooms with anti-bacterial paint and replaced the existing ceiling lights with new led panels. The surgery required examination lamps and privacy curtain track which we supplied and installed. Finally, in one of the consulting rooms, an electrical fuse board required housing in a cabinet which we designed, manufactured and installed.


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